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The Century Park Family is working together to educate our students using a global perspective.  Staff, parents and students work together to educate the whole child, building on student strengths and providing support as our children grow academically. 

Students are taught to research, question, think, take action and reflect.  The California State Standards are taught with application to real life situations.

Project based learning is implemented to explore topics that are relevant wherever we are in place and time.  Students work as inquirers to understand how the world works.

Century Park students develop a open minded and caring attitude of respect for others.  We listen to the opinions and perspective of each other and communicate our ideas in writing, speaking and through presentations.

Our goal is teach our children to take action, large or small, and contribute and make a difference in our community, city, state, country and the world. 

Thank you for sending your children to Century Park Elementary as we do our part as worldwide citizens